Selling Startup Ideas

I have been contemplating on my “service offering” as a freelancer through blogging and consulting. Searches on the Internet resulted in a few tips and insights. I happened to bump on a few experts through email and their suggestions (key of them being “identify your niche”) were very useful.

Thoughts on niche

It’s relatively easy to write blog posts or build website for hobby. But, when it comes to choose a niche area on which you have to write and do a business, the real fun starts 🙂. You start jotting down your perceived areas of strength, your areas of expertise and arrive at a few “niche” areas, only to realize that most of them wouldn’t work out from a business perspective. Alas, are these strengths not real strengths? Should I have put my energy and learning elsewhere all these years to have an attractive “niche” to offer? You feel like giving up and go back to your routine. Somewhere in the corner, one small spark remains alive. The spark keeps saying “Think. There’ll be something. Neither your brain nor your environment has gone dry. Think”.

Idea of selling ideas

Thanks to that spark, I went back to my notebook (no drawing board 🙂). As a result, I made a virtual collage with the following attributes –

  • my strength of “ideation”
  • experience in execution of Information Technology projects
  • management qualities gained over years
  • inclination towards writing/blogging

With the virtual collage, I arrived at the eureka moment – “Why don’t I sell startup ideas to Startup aspirants?”.  That moment was awesome, the dopamine levels went up so high that the dopamine receptors in the brain couldn’t cope with 🙂. When things settled down, I did a deep-dive of my “idea of selling startup ideas” and consulted with my close circle of well wishers. I received encouragement with a care-driven caution – which is good enough to stay focused.

The beginning of an experimental journey

After all the doubts, deliberations and diligence, the product “” has finally arrived. I’m optimistic that I’ll be able to sell ideas – not just raw ideas, but with necessary packaging – that can be transformed to business initiatives. I’ll make those ideas available at The journey has begun…


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